Feng Shui Expert Service

Feng Shui Expert Service

Feng Shui Tips,bazi readings, flying stars expert, Feng Shui Consultant for corporates and local businesses in Sydney Australia.

Service :
Pricelist :

New Feng Shui Number Plate:
1-8 letters or numbers
AUD $180

Residential Feng Shui:
( 2 Rooms )
AUD $380
( 3 Rooms )
AUD $480

Business/Commercial Feng Shui
Call for quote
( shop, office, factory, hotel, Mansion, etc. )

Bazi Fortune-telling
AUD $480
Auspicious marriage dates
New Born / Adult Naming
AUD $480

Online geomancy services (retail / office / residential)
Call for quote

Overseas Feng Shui Services
Call for quote

Welcome various companies and organizations, associations, real estate agents, local government departments, etc. Cooperation held a variety of feng shui distinguish activities such as lectures, festivals booth activities.   About PYFSC  Master Philip Yuen provides worthwhile feng shui expert advice and recommendations for your home or workplace by using the principles of feng shui. Philip Yuen Feng Shui Master that can provide you with results base on your requirements.

First of all, contact Master Philip Yuen, explain why you want to conduct feng shui and provide details of what you like to improve. If you want to increase your knowledge of feng shui, Philip yuen feng shui master can arrange expert advice and basic training. Please contact Philip Yuen: 0420 822 988  Feng Shui Master Sydney

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